How I became an investor in my thirties

How one woman overcame her money fears, tackled her finances, and became an investor. When Leslie Allen was 29, she walked away from her job as a senior director of communications at a women’s [...]


Raise your savings game for 2017 with personal finance Bingo

Everybody knows that good financial management habits pay for themselves in the long run, but the day-to-day discipline required can be a grind. In a bid to inject a little more fun into the [...]


The first 100 days: What to watch

Our experts weigh in on the new administration’s potential fiscal policy and impact on the economy. With a new Congress in session, confirmation proceedings underway for senior [...]


Economy: 2017 outlook

The last several weeks of 2016 provided a clue about how the markets had re-priced expectations for future policy changes, but there remains tremendous uncertainty about how the complex array of [...]


Smart Talk About Choosing the Right Insurance

There are many categories and variations of insurance plans. Your advisor’s role is to analyze your particular situation and help you choose the best combination of coverage and payment options. [...]


Expect slower world growth, lower yet positive returns

Global growth should remain positive, but slow, and contribute to lower investment returns. BY IRINA TYTELL, LISA EMSBO-MATTINGLY, AND DIRK HOFSCHIRE, FIDELITY’S ASSET ALLOCATION RESEARCH TEAM, [...]

How principal-residence tax changes will affect every Canadian homeowner

Earlier this week, Finance Minister Bill Morneau introduced tax changes that were aimed primarily at foreign investors in Canadian real estate to ensure they abide by our existing tax rules. But [...]


Building a legacy that will span generations

Knowing what story you wish to tell will enable you to build a lasting legacy. What is a legacy? At the most basic level, a legacy is your life’s work. More specifically, it’s the part of your [...]


Why establish an estate plan?

Having a plan for what happens with your savings, investments, real estate, and other assets after your death may not be something you want to think about. But estate planning is very [...]


How to pay off debt—and save too

Student loans, credit-card balances, car loans, and mortgages—oh, my. You probably have a variety of debt—most people do. So which should you focus on paying off first? And how can you save at [...]

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